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This week: 2 ISTE & STEMxCon Webinars on 3D in Education

As it happens, when you let the webinars fall where they may, sometimes you end up with a unique week like this one!  This week, I will be presenting two free opportunities to explore the use of 3D in education. Here’s the scoop: ISTE SIG3D Webinar: How to Write a Great Proposal for ISTE 2014… […]

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Infographic: Stereoscopic 3D Enhances Learning

  Stereoscopic 3D Enhances Learning | In Depth Education Infographic by Nancye Blair Black   Nancye Blair Black is an award-winning educator, impactful educational consultant, author and speaker.  She is the Founder and Chair of ISTE’s Special Interest Group for 3D in Education (SIG3D).

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SIG3D Launches New 3D in Education Webinar Series

Out of ISTE’s new Special Interest Group comes a powerful opportunity for learning and collaborating with 3D in Education.  SIG3D is sponsoring a series of webinars on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8 PM EST, along with additional opportunities for follow-up Q & As with their leadership team. Below is a list of […]

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5 Stereoscopic 3D Resources for Elementary Students

Looking for a way to test the waters of stereoscopic 3D teaching and learning with your elementary students? Here are a few ways to start integrating the benefits of 3D learning right away: – 3D Ladibug Document Camera: This dynamic document camera is able to perform all of the basic tasks of a traditional document […]

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S3D Basics: What is Stereoscopic 3D?

With so many educational products and resources using the term “3D” in such diverse ways, some may be asking… What type of 3D is “stereoscopic 3D” anyway? To that, I invite the Simpsons family to join us. These three images capture the differences between 2D, “rendered” 3D and stereopscopic 3D. 2D:  The image on the […]

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