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Connect with SIG3D at ISTE 2013

The SIG3D Leadership Team is incredibly excited about our inaugural events at the ISTE Conference in San Antonio this summer.  Since the December announcement of this Special Interest Group for 3D in Education, interest and membership has increased dramatically!  With over 800 members, we can’t wait to see what this SIG can accomplish over the […]

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Bring 3D into the classroom – free! Video Contest for Educators!

Many of you know that I directed the pilot for the world’s first 3D document camera at our elementary school a couple of years ago.  The 3D Ladibug document camera is a fantastic learning tool; I saw great results with attention, learning, and behavior when using it at my school with teachers and students. Right […]

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I would like to honor and introduce an incredible educator and 3D pioneer to the InDepthEducation audience. Kristin Donley is a highly effective science and STEM instructor at Monarch High School in the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD). Due to her passion, innovative teaching methods and commitment to her students, Kristin was recognized as the […]

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3D Comes to FETC & TCEA

This time of year is a whirlwind for educational technology as FETC and TCEA, two of the nations largest educational technology conferences, run back to back in Orlando, Florida and Austin, Texas.  Here is a recap of some s3D highlights from FETC last week… and a heads up of what’s to come at TCEA. Despite […]

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Is anyone really teaching in 3D?

Is anyone really teaching in 3D? Isn’t 3D just a fad? Does stereoscopic 3D really help students? As I’ve become more involved in the field of educational stereoscopic 3D over the last few years, it has not been uncommon to hear these types of questions.  More often than not, people are surprised that the use […]

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S3D Basics: What is Stereoscopic 3D?

With so many educational products and resources using the term “3D” in such diverse ways, some may be asking… What type of 3D is “stereoscopic 3D” anyway? To that, I invite the Simpsons family to join us. These three images capture the differences between 2D, “rendered” 3D and stereopscopic 3D. 2D:  The image on the […]

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How 3D Works: An Infographic

Just getting started with stereoscopic 3D? Here is a helpful infographic created by that explains how the four basic types of stereoscopic 3D viewing work!

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Join the Movement: 3D in Education

Are you interested in using and innovating with stereoscopic 3D in Education?  Do you have ideas or resources to share that would benefit other educators using this emerging technology? Would you like to be part of a community that can help you learn more? If so, fill out this form to get connected!

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ISTE In Depth: Four 3D Sessions!

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) will hold its annual conference and exhibition from June 23-27 in San Diego, CA.  Four must-see presentations will showcase cutting-edge research and best practices for 3D in Education. This is a great chance to get an introduction to 3D, learn about current case studies and network with […]

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What is In Depth Education?

Welcome to In Depth Education, a practical website, blog and networking tool to connect innovative educators working with stereoscopic 3D technologies in classrooms. In the days, weeks  and months to come, this will be a place to find out about emerging technologies, the release of exciting 3D products, practical lesson plans and to hear from […]

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